Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Reading Challenges!

I came across a lot of intriguing and very tempting reading challenges while browsing through book blogs. You know how it goes; one link leads to another and then that one to another .... and on and on. I'm having fun reading all the blogs, getting ideas for my own and being challenged to read more!

100+ Book Challenge

I can't remember where I first saw the link to the
100+ Book Challenge, but I clicked on it, got all excited and decided to join in the fun. On this blog I talk mostly about mysteries and other fiction, but I read a lot of other books, too. I like that in joining the 100+ Book Challenge, I feel as though I'm getting 'credit', so to speak, for all the books I read, especially the nonfiction books, even if I don't blog about them or review them.

Pre-Printing Press Challenge

Another challenge I came across that really resonates with me is the
Pre-Printing Press Challenge at the All Booked Up blog by Elena, another person who loves medieval history. The challenge started May 1, so I'm behind -- as usual. Nothing new there, sad to say. But at least I have through 2010 to finish however many books I choose. I'm not sure how many will go on my list, but I've got three in mind already to start with. I've been wanting to get back to studying the history of the early church in particular and women in religion in general. I think this challenge will help keep me a bit better on track.

I'm not really sure how to set up my challenge lists, though. For now I'll just make a separate blog entries in a day or two and then keep updating them. Until I come up with a better idea. I may start a new blog devoted to challenges. Haven't decided. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be thrilled to read them.

Thanks Elena and J. Kaye. These challenges will be great reading.

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