Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Blog

I just read a guest blog on The Quilting Gallery by Hattie James, a quilter/reader/writer who has three blogs, one each for each of her interests. I had started my original blog, Quilts 'N Mysteries, to write about both my quilting and the books I've read. But I have not been happy with that double duty blog. I've been thinking about developing a second blog just for book discussions, rants, raves, thoughts, etc., but just never got the courage up to go for it. After reading Hattie's guest blog today, though, I decided I'd take the plunge and start a second blog dedicated to bookss. I chose the blog title "Betty's Book Nook" because I have no imagination to speak of. This explains a lot about my creative writing ability, don't you think? If I think of something better later, I'll change it. Maybe.

Unlike Hattie, I am not nearly brave enough to post ANY of my fiction writing on the big bad web for all the world to see, so, at least for now, there'll be no third blog from Betty Kay.

Hats off to Hattie for blogging about her interests. I've visited each of her blogs and am very impressed with her abilities. Thanks for the inspiration, Hattie, even though you don't know me and we'll probably never meet.

Tonight is Pizza Hut night and the doorbell just rang, so supper is ready. Tonight is also PBR bull riding on Versus, so after pizza I'll be cheering on the cowboys and maybe even a favorite bull or two. But tomorrow, I've got a stack of books beside the computer desk just begging for some attention.

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